Update: Hiatus

Just thought i’d do a short update about my life / this blog:


Yes that’s right! I’ve just started on a full-time job, it’s been an enriching journey and i’ve been spending after work hours getting involved in volunteering and attending lectures etc. As I am still sorting this adult life and separating my public and private lives, i will be on hiatus from this blog. i promise to update and share with you readers (if any!) about the Korea trip I went on before I started my job. i had planned to work on it a month ago but my previous laptop died and i still haven’t figured out how to extract the data from that laptop – any suggestions? :)

I’ve rekindled my love for tumblr and am penning my private thoughts there. it is spontaneous, inconsistent and incoherent – but that’s what an uncurated life is.

In the meantime, thank you for supporting neptunethings @ wordpress. i’ll be back soon. be kind xx

Nameste Nepal

Nameste Nepal from Estelle on Vimeo.

“30 days in Nepal – music: दु:ख पाय पर्देस पसेर

I shall begin by saying that this video does not aim to encapsulate Nepal as a whole entity – in fact, a single country with rich and diverse sociocultural landscape such as Nepal can never be fully encapsulated within 3 minutes. This video is a compilation of snippets taken from my trip in Nepal. I spent 30 days in Nepal as a volunteer teacher which I teach English and Social to students in Raniban, Kathmandu and Meghauli, Chitwan. Due to circumstances, this video contains mostly footage of my time spent exploring Nepal.

This video uses the song “दु:ख पाय पर्देस पसेर” (Durkha Paye Pardesh Pasera). The song makes references to people who leave the country to embark on a difficult task – an imagery that reflects diasporic community of Nepalese worldwide, including my friends who have ventured out of Nepal for jobs. It was also this song that kept me company during my local bus ride from Pokhara to Gulmi.

Dhanyabaad ani feri bhetaula!”

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